Envision Offers These Features:

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Simple and Easy to Use.  There are other programs out there for youth groups, but they try to be all things to all people, and in the process their software has become cluttered and complicated to use.  Envision is simple.  You'll be up and running in minutes, and it will be easy for you to teach your volunteers how to use it.

Your Group at a Glance.  The Start page appears each time you open the program.  This screen summarizes vital information about the status of visitors and members who haven't attended recently.  You also see upcoming birthdays and a breakdown of your group by members who are active, inactive, etc.

Store member information.  Store a multitude of contact information on each teenager, including address, e-mail address, photo and multiple phone numbers.  Record the person's school and grade level, and Envision automatically updates their grade at the end of the school year (you can also disable this feature).  Track birthdays for sending out birthday cards.  The database also makes it easy to categorize each person according to ministry interests, active status, whether they are on the mailing list or not, etc.

Track your visitors.  Teenagers are inviting their friends to come hear the Gospel at your youth group!  Envision is designed as an evangelism follow-up tool. Gather contact information to send them a welcome letter or give a friendly phone call.  Envision tracks this information and provides a follow-up checklist for each individual.

Record Attendance.  Print out a roll sheet & visitor cards before each service or meeting.  Check off who shows up and have visitors fill out cards.   Then come back to Envision and enter all the information.  The program tracks attendance histories for each individual.  You can also use the program on a laptop at your meetings to enter information in real-time!

Manage Meetings & Attendance.  Besides attendance lists, you can also keep track of other information about your services or activities.  Record your sermon topic and scripture for future reference, as well as total offering collected and other comments. You can also print a summary of each service, including a list of everyone who was there.

Barcode Support.  In addition to using the keyboard and mouse to check off those attending an activity, you can also use your own barcode scanning equipment to check people in faster. You can print a roll sheet with optional barcodes, or you can use the export feature to create other barcoded material with the envision barcode ID for each member.

Reminders.  Envision includes options to be reminded of special events such as graduations.  You'll also be told when the program automatically promotes faithful visitors to members, and when members haven't been around in a while and might need some personal attention. Let Envision worry about the bookkeeping so you can keep your mind on personal ministry.

Auto-updates.  The program helps to keep your data current by automatically tracking the attendance of each person and updating their status (active, missing in action, or inactive).  Visitors will be automatically graduated to member status if they meet certain criteria.  Envision will also increment the grade level of each of your students at the start of each summer break.  You can customize these options or turn them off altogether.

E-mail Tools.  Send individual e-mail or use filter criteria to send bulk e-mail to a certain segment of your membership.

Reports, Reports, Reports!  You'll have many ways to keep yourself organized with Envision's reporting features.  Available reports include:

  • Membership directory
  • Event sign-up sheets
  • Mailing labels
  • Roll sheets
  • Visitor card template & checklist
  • Offering summary
  • Attendance summary
  • Birthday list
  • Missing data report (for identifying where you're missing an address, phone #, etc.)
  • Group stats report