How Much Will the 'Vision Cost Me?

   Try Envision FREE for 45 days.  If it lives up to our expectations by saving you time and helping you minister more effectively, start enjoying all the benefits of registration right away. Choose from one of the following pricing options:

Purchase OptionPrice
Single Ministry License - This option allows you to use the program for a single ministry (i.e. your youth or college ministry). You may install the program on multiple computers as long as they all support the same ministry.$119
Churchwide License - This option allows you to use multiple installations of the program to serve multiple ministries or departments within the same church (i.e. one for youth, one for children's church, etc.).$219

   You can register online with a credit card, phone in your credit card number, or send a check or money order by mail. See the register page for details.

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Risk-free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you don't receive full satisfaction from Envision, just let us know,
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  Other youth group programs cost  hundreds of dollars.  And they try to be all things to all people. The result is a program that's cluttered with all kinds of fields and features you never use.  Envision is inexpensive, easy to use, and handles all the needs you'll have as a pastor.

   Go to the download page and try Envision today!

   When registering, or for any other postal mail correspondence concerning Envision, please write:

Suberspace Technologies
PO Box 10659
New Orleans, LA  70181-0659

Checks or money orders should me made payable to Suberspace Technologies.