Do I Need the Installation CD?

  On the registration page, you'll see links for registering with or without a CD. This CD contains basically the same installation file that you can download for free on this website. It is offered as an option in case you would like something physical for safekeeping or you intend to install Envision on a computer that doesn't have a connection to the Internet. The CD option adds an extra $15 to your registration total.

  Even if you have a computer that's not connected to the web, you may still be able to do without the CD. You can use a web-connected computer to download the installation file, and then use a USB flash drive to transfer it to the other computer. There are occasions where installing by this method won't work, especially if the computer is old and has not received updates from Microsoft in a long time (which requires a web connection). You can always order a CD by itself later on if you need it. To do this, please request information using the online support form found here.

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