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I had to re-install Envision after re-formatting my hard drive.  It's asking for an unlock code but it's not accepting my original code (or I lost that code).  What do I do?


No problem! Your user number is different now because of the computer change.  Just send us e-mail with your name and the user number that's currently showing up in Envision and let us know your situation.  We'll send the code you need.

The current user number can be found under the Help drop-down menu by choosing About.  While in trial mode, this number can also be found in the pop-up registration box when you start Envision.

The User Number and the Unlock Code go together like a unique lock and key.  A user number is generated randomly each time you install Envision on a computer.  Each new User Number requires a different Unlock Code to release the program from trial mode.



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